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Each week, the Thelomathesian Society receives proposals from groups requesting club or organizational status, as well as requests for SLUSAF Contingency Funding and proposals for Resolutions from the Senate to the faculty, staff, Administration and/or Board of Trustees.

Note: All proposals except resolutions must be approved twice, at two consecutive Senate meetings.

Resolutions can be drafted and presented to the Senate by any student requesting action concerning any issue. Resolutions must be submitted to the Vice President of Senate Affairs by 7:00 p.m. the Sunday before the presenter(s) would like to present.

Organizational Status Requests
Thelmo recognized organizations have the ability to apply for a yearly budget during the budget hearings held every spring by the Budget and Finance Committee as long as they have existed for at least a semester. To see a list of organizations, please click here. Any group wishing to request organizational status must submit the following two documents as an e-mail attachment to the Vice President of Senate Affairs by 7:00 p.m. on the Sunday prior to the Thelmo meeting they would like to present at:

1.) A one page (or less) proposal highlighting the following:
- a. Club name and number of members.
- b. An overview of activities since gaining club status, and an explanation of how those activities could have been enhanced or improved if your club had organization status and a budget.
- c. An outline of future goals and planned activities, and an explanation of how organization status and budget money could help you achieve your goals. No hard and certain numbers are required, but general estimates are encouraged.
2.) A copy of your club’s Constitution. For a template of what a constitution should include, please click here.

To request funding from SLUSAF, please click here.

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