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Interested in becoming a Thelmo Senator or Executive/Junior Executive Board member? Check back here periodically for applications.

Current Openings

Student Delegate to the Board of Trustees: Due Thursday March 31, 2011 at 5 PM

1. Act as the primary liaison, alongside the President of the Society, to the University Board of Trustees.
2. Be considered a member of the Executive Board.
3. Be able to attend all Board of Trustee Meetings, including meetings that may take place when the University is on hiatus for a semester/academic year break.
4. Report to the Senate the minutes and developments achieved at all Board of Trustee meetings.
5. Occupy one of the student seats on the University Priorities and Planning University Committee.
7. Formulate a report during the last quarter of her/his term to be handed to the incoming Student Delegate to the Board of Trustees, with the intention of assisting the incoming officer with acclimation to the position and its responsibilities.

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