St. Lawrence University Student Activities Fund

The SLUSAF Contingency Fund is a fund designed as a reserve account to help fund unforeseen expenses (such as a guest lecture, or special conference) for groups on campus. The Contingency Fund is designed to be a last resort for funding when all other attempts at fundraising have been exhausted. A proposal for contingeny funding MUST answer the following questions:

-Describe the event and its purpose

-Mention the date or period of time for which the event is scheduled

-Target audience or number of participants

-Other organizations/groups/departments etc. involved

-How you plan to advertise it

    1. Organization/Club/Group/Individual(s) requesting funds
    2. Phone number and e-mail for at least one representative
    3. Cost of event (include total cost and breakdown by items)
    4. Sum requested from Thelmo
    5. Use of funds – please address the following:
    6. Other sources of funding (mention amount and source, or any attempts made to get additional funding)
    7. (Optional) Any other comments that may support your proposal

Any group wishing to submit a contingency request, must submit a detailed proposal as an e-mail attached to the SLUSAF Central Treasurer by 7:00 p.m. on the Saturday prior to the Thelmo meeting the group would like to present at. The e-mail address for the Central Treasurer is: The Central Treasurer together with the Budget and Finance committee will call a meeting on Sunday with the person submitting the contingency request. Following that meeting, the final version of the contingency request must be emailed to the Vice President for Senate Affairs no later than 12:00 noon on Monday.

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