Tri-Partite Committees

Thelmo has ten committees that work throughout the year to address issues of concern among members of the student body. These committees are listed below. (for more specific information regarding a committee, including contact information, please click the title of the committee)

Academic Advising Committee
The committee will work with the Director of Academic Advising to discuss issues and make recommendations regarding academic advising. The committee will discuss ways to make advising more effective at St. Lawrence University and to build an advising program that emphasizes the cultivation of student agency in the crafting of their evolving academic plans.

Academic Affairs Committee
The Academic Affairs Committee is responsible for examining current academic policies and practices and making recommendations that will better suit the needs of the student body. The Academic Affairs Committee works closely with the Faculty as well as the Dean of Academic Affairs.

Budget and Finance Committee
The Budget and Finance Committee is responsible for allocating the money gathered in the Student Activities account. This money is collected via a “Student Activities Charge” on every student’s semesterly bill from St. Lawrence. The collected funds are distributed to over 50 Thelmo-recognized organizations. Remaining money is known as “Contingency Funding” which is designed to help groups finance events and trips as a means of last resort.

Canton Community Outreach Committee
The Canton Community Outreach Committee …

Environmental Conservation Committee
The Environmental Conservation Committee works with the Conservation Council (comprised of students, faculty, staff and administrators) to draft proposals to preserve the campus environment and to work towards making campus more energy efficient. It is particularly concerned with the issues of recycling and green energy.

Information Technology Committee
The Information Technology Committee works with St. Lawrence IT Staff to address issues pertaining to technology use on campus. This committee collaborates with the Public Relations Committee to relay technology knowledge to the student body.

Greek Life Committee
The Greek Life Committee works closely with Greek Council and Panhellenic Council to relay and address concerns of the student body pertaining to the Greek Community on campus.

Public Relations Committee
The Public Relations Committee is responsible for informing the student body of actions taken by Thelmo. The Committee also updates the Thelmo webpage to keep things up to date. In the beginning of the spring semester, every student will be receiving a letter from Thelmo outlining what we do, and highlighting some of the major accomplishments in the past year.

Senate Affairs Committee
The Senate Affairs Committee has the main responsibility of ensuring the Senate functions according to the Thelomathesian Society Constitution. The Senate Affairs Committee also reviews all resolutions and organizational status requests before they are placed on the Senate’s agenda. It is chaired by the Vice President of Senate Affairs.

Student Life Committee
The Student Life Committee is responsible for working with the Student Life Division at St. Lawrence University to address student concerns. The Student Life Committee works closely with the Dean of Student Life. The Student Life Committee is currently working on a number of projects including; examining SLU’s Alcohol Policy, examining whether or not more lighting (both regular and “blue lights”) needs to be added and exploring problems with the Campus Meal Plan.

Campus Entertainment Chair
The Campus Entertainment Chair works primarily with ACE to bring events on campus that will be open to all students to attend such concerts, comedians, and other events. Decides the allocation for the funding specifically set aside for this committee in hopes of bringing events to campus under the Thelmo’s name.

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