Represent the Students! Serve on a Committee!

Here is your chance to represent the students of St. Lawrence in every aspect of the university’s governance system. The University is governed by Tripartite Committees (committees of the faculty, students, and administration). Currently, there are 14 committees that need student delegates! You can have a voice in what courses the school will offer, how we spend money, study-abroad programs, and IT needs of the school, to name just a few. These are how St. Lawrence is run—here’s your chance to have a voice for your fellow students.

The Committees include:

· Academic Advising
· Academic Affairs
· Budget and Finance
· Committee on Gender Equality and Sexuality
· Committee on International and Intercultural Studies
· Conservation Council
· Educational Technologies Committee
· Faculty Development Council
· Information Technology
· Institutional Strategy and Assessment Committee
· Library and Art Gallery Committee
· Spiritual and Religious Life Committee
· University Advancement Committee

We sincerely hope you consider it.

If you’re interested, have questions, etc., please use our contact form.

Please use your email account.
Please state the Committee you are interested in joining

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