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Peak Weekend

This St. Lawrence Tradition began in 1982, with the first attempt to have at least one St. Lawrence student on each summit of all 46 High Peaks in the Adirondack Park. A high peak is a mountain above 4,000 feet in vertical elevation and offers spectacular views of the park. The peaks provide opportunities for all skill levels of hikers to experience the great outdoors.

President Willie Janeway initiated this event, first named 46er' Day, in the spring of 1982. They were not successful until the second attempt in the fall of '82. Ever since, it has been an annual outing club tradition and an extremely popular ritual among the student body. Turnouts often exceed several hundred people for this fun weekend getaway. It usually takes place in October, when conditions in the park are prime and fall foliage is in full swing. Over a three-day window, students coordinate their efforts to summit all 46 peaks.

Peak Weekend has received a great deal of publicity in years past from front page of the Hill News to an article in the New York Times sports section. The event is often commemorated with a t-shirt and this past year's slogan was "A St. Lawrence Tradition That Can't Be Sold." - John Dura '05. This quote sums up the mentality and true spirit associated with Peak Weekend. Come join us next fall as we go for the fifth consecutive year of attaining all 46 peaks.