Songs of Alpha Phi Omega (ΑΦΩ)

Traditional Songs of Alpha Phi Omega

(Tune: "Alma Mater")
Here's to Alpha Phi Omega
Loyal Brothers we,
True to self and to each other
Firm in loyalty.

Daily working, daily striving,
Ever more to be,
Men of Alpha Phi Omega,
Our Fraternity.
-By Brother Dale Bartless,Iota

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(Tune: "Taps")
Hail to thee,
A. P. O.
We will spread
They fair name
O'er the land
True to you
Forever more-
Blue and Gold!
-By Alpha Rho Chapter

(Tune: "Field Artillery Song")
A. P. O. give a cheer as we go on through the year,
Spreading goodwill throughout all the land,
We will strive with our might for the cause we know is right,
Giving each man a firm helping hand.
For as you see, our fraternity,
Is guided by friendship old and new,
To succeed in this task, we must always ask,
For the help of our brethren so true.
-By Phi and Beta Iota Chapters

(Tune: "Onward Christian Soldier")
Alpha Phi Omega, loyal brothers all,
Hear the voice of Friendship,
And the Service call.
We are not divided, our fraternity
Onward, ever onward, leaders we will be.
When the future beckons, and as time grows old
We will always answer
Dear old blue and gold!
-By Alpha Rho Chapter

(Tune: "Ode to Joy" from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony)
From Atlantic's storm-swept ocean
To the calm Pacific coast,
We are one in our devotion
To the creed we honor most.
Brothers all, throughout the nation
Help to blaze a new-made trail
Service and cooperation -
Alpha Phi Omega, hail!
-By Brother David S. Mossesson,Gamma Delta

(Tune: "The Barrel Polka")
What makes a barrel?
A lot of staves, one by one.
What binds a barrel?
Hoops- and the job is all done.
In Friendship's tether,
We stand in unbroken row,
All of us are bound together
By good old A.P.O.
-By Brother David S. Mossesson, Gamma Delta.

(Tune: "song of the U.S. Marines")
From the halls of Alma Mater
We march in unbroken row,
And we sing this gay cantana
As out into life we go.
So let every voice be eager
And each heart with pride a-glow
For our Alpha Phi Omega
And the men of A.P.O.

So, dear comrades, fill your glasses
And get ready for a toast,
Through each mind just one thought passes-
It's the name we honor most,
And e'en Time, that old intriguer
These fond mem'ries won't outgrow
Of our Alpha Phi Omega
And the men of A.P.O.
-By Brother David S. Mossesson,Gamma Delta

(Tune: "Field Artillery Song")
Over hill, over plain,
You can hear the loud refrain
As the Blue and Gold comes along
Should it rain, should it shine,
We will keep a steady line
As our brothers come singing along

So it's hi-hi-ho,
Here's to A.P.O.
Shout out its praises loud and strong
Where'er you go
You will always know
That our spirit is rolling along.
-By Alpha Rho Chapter

(Tune: "Song of the Vagabond")
Alpha Phi Omega,
We are always eager,
For we're here to do our best,
Mind and body steady,
With a heart that's ready
And by sacred friendship blest.

Onward, upward,
Through the years ahead,
By your spirit ever we'll be led.
Hear ourvoices blended,
In the pledge so spendid
We'll be loyal unto you, YEA!

(Tune: "Notre Dame Victory Song")
Here's to you, brothers, loyal and true,
You'll be a friend whate'er we go through.
You'll stand up through thick and thin,
Keep up your spirit, and strive to win;
Friendship and service - leadership, too,
Those were our guides as we grew and grew.
So all you men of A.P.O.,
Keep up the good work - Let's go.
-By Phi and Beta Iota Chapters

(Tune: "Auld Lang Syne")
Let's raise our voices in a song
And sing our praise of thee;
For leadership and service, too,
We'll toast you loyally.

To nobler cause we'll bind our lives
We'll serve in friendship's name
To bring to Alpha Phi Omega
Everlasting fame.
-By Brothers Ted Hollanderand Marvin Levine, Gamma Sigma

(Tune: "Jingle Bells")
Brothers, gathered round,
On this we agree,
To each other we are bound
By one loyalty;
For in every heart,
Warmed by friendship's glow,
There's a corner set apart
For old A.P.O.

A.P.O. A.P.O.
Stands for loyalty-
Be a friend, a hand extend
To a brother's plea,
Our ideals, each one feels,
Ever wider grow;
This refrain, sing again-
"Long life to A.P.O."
-By Brother David S. Mossesson,Gamma Delta

(Tune: "Anchors Aweigh")
Greet each good brother here,
Give him your hand;
So, for another year
In happy harmony we'll stand.
We'll make a host of friends,
Loyal and true;
And when the session ends
We'll wish it would begin again anew.

This every brother knows
That, year by year,
A.P.O. ever grows
To every brother's heart more dear.
Let all of us rejoice
In close-knit ranks,
And loud affection voice
For Alpha Phi Omega - praise and thanks!
-By Brother David S. Mossesson, Gamma Delta

Originally from the Wake Forest University Chapter